Why Llama Lo?

Our company name, “llama lo,” was born from one of our CEO’s favorite Hebrew phrases, which means “why not?” After consulting with a local Rabbi to confirm, our company’s name was born. So why not try a new spin on yarn?

Lightweight Wool Blanket, Best Wool Blankets, Wool RecyclingLlama Lo products bring new life to recycled wool textiles: our blankets feature 50% recycled wool and 50% new lambswool to create warm, heirloom-quality Queen sized bedding. Our hats have a recycled wool exterior for supreme winter warmth, with a fleece liner for comfort.

Llama Lo products keep textiles out of landfills while providing a high quality end product for people to use and enjoy.

Llama Lo is a subsidiary of Miller Waste Mills, which has been headquartered in Winona, Minnesota, for more than 80 years. In addition to recycling wool fibers, Miller Waste Mills works with people and companies to reclaim and recycle cotton, sisal, hemp, jute and wood fibers for a variety of industrial and household uses. Learn more about Miller Waste Mills »

Lightweight Wool Blanket, Best Wool Blankets, Wool Recycling, Miller Waste Mills